Video Direction

The video can go in multiple directions depending on the style you're looking for.  One direction is with a voice over describing what the main actor is doing in a very direct manner.  Minimal dialogue would be included as workers interact with each other.  Very straight forward about what the Touch10 interface can do.  

If you want to do a more stylized video, the voice over could be the thoughts of the main actor.  It could have a bit of humor included and have a stylized editing with quick cuts and subtle use of slow motion while the main actor is thinking. 


The video would be well lit with vibrant colors to help emphasize calmness and convey positive energy while using your products.   Stock photo below as an example.


The quote below is for 8 actors (one with a speaking role), the production cost includes all equipment needed.  The music license is the estimated cost of one song, so this may differ based on song selection or if multiple songs are used.