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We believe in simplicity.  No matter which film you choose you're going to get a film that tells an authentic story of your wedding day.  So pick with confidence!  

How Long are you there?

We are always there during your entire wedding.  We get there 2 hours before your ceremony or 2 hours before your first look and stay until people get too sweaty on the dance floor (trust us, you don't want to see this part).  We're going to capture all those important moments.  There's no reason you should have to count how many hours you need us there.  We'll be there!  

Not Intrusive!

We also believe that your wedding day is epic enough on its own.  That means you don't need to act for us.  We aren't going to ask you to perform and do anything that's not a natural part of your wedding day.  Your wedding film will be a reminder of what actually happened when you watch it. 

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All of our films include:

Separate videos of ceremony, speeches, first dance and parent dances in their entirety.

2 professional cinematographers 

Professional Audio

Online Delivery

Drone Footage*

* Drone coverage can only be shot when weather is appropriate (not too windy, no rain, etc.) and as long as we feel it's safe to fly. 

Select the film length that's right for you:

Dinner and a Movie

12+ minute film


This is it!  This is the one that you'll get to watch your entire wedding weekend back.  We are with you from the night before your wedding through your wedding day.  It includes the rehearsal dinner so we can capture those amazing speeches from the night before your wedding. It adds so much to your story because typically those speeches have a more relaxed feel and typically show off more of your personality.  

Plus if you're doing something awesome on the morning of your wedding (golfing, sky-diving, pool party, hiking) we will capture that as well.

Oh yeah! As a bonus we wave the overnight travel fee! (unless a flight is involved).

Just the Movie

8-10 minute film


This film will show off your wedding day.  We're with you all day, un-intrusively so you’ll barely know we are there. Your film will let you relive the entire day.  From prep and laughing with your friends, to that moment you’re walking down the aisle, to dancing the night away.  It's interwoven with speeches from the day to really tell the story of the two of you while also showcasing the friends and family you invited to celebrate one of the biggest days of your life.  





While the films above will give you a beautiful wedding film we also offer a couple extras to customize your films.

Rehearsal Dinner

This is our favorite add-on.  There's something really special about the day before your wedding.  Your with your best friends and family in a really relaxed environment.  The speeches that are given at the rehearsal dinner have a different tone to them that really helps completely tell your story!  If I could film this at every wedding I would 100% of the time.


Raw Footage

Did you want to save and watch every single thing that we film? This is how you do it.  It's all the footage we shot delivered on a hard drive.  


Instagram Trailer

A 45 second to 1 minute trailer of your wedding day delivered the week after your wedding!  Delivered on Instagram and as a video file so you can put it on your own Instagram. I love making these!




a 2-3 minute trailer that gives a sneak peak of your wedding the week after your wedding.  This is our most popular add on!      


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Get in touch!  We'd love to talk to you about your wedding day! -!