Caroline and Stu,

Your wedding was such a fun day! From the moment I got there, it was all smiles and just absolute joy. You two had so much love around you; it was exciting to see!

Your first dance was one of my favorites this year. You two were so in the moment and really enjoying it each other. It was a beautiful thing.

Also, I loved the bowling after party. The fantastic juxtaposition of people in their best clothing wearing bowling shoes is my new favorite thing that I hope I can convince other couples to copy.

We had so much fun and I hope you enjoy the film as much as we enjoyed making it.

With gratitude,

Daniel Latimer

PS - Thanks for sending in the honeymoon footage. It looked like a once in a lifetime trip!

2019-09-14 13-21-22.233.jpeg
2019-09-14 13-18-32.486.jpeg
Groom pointing at camera.jpeg