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Beer and a baby? Sounds like a cheesy movie. . .


Beer and a baby? Sounds like a cheesy movie. . .


We did something a little bit different from our norm. Obviously we normally do wedding films, but deep down we are really just story tellers. Whether that story is a wedding or something completely different, if it tugs at our soul then we want to tell it. We have some amazing friends in Nashua. The community that we are surrounded with is amazing gift. Jason and Megan are part of this amazing group. It’s only May and they have had an amazing year already. They traveled to New Zealand, they bought a house and they are . . .actually, watch the video below and find out. (I’m sure the title of the this post didn’t give it away. . .)

Bearded Gent Brewing Co. from Latimer Studios


Did you figure it out?

Hopefully after all that you can figure out they are having a baby. We are beyond excited for them!

Why a video?

We got together and thought of a couple ways to tell their story. Of course one was about a stork. Really cool idea that I hope I can use one day, but alas we went with an idea that would incorparate them as a family.


Baby Announcement Video

Jason has been brewing beer for a while and it’s something he loves to do, so we decided to make the baby announcement video around this central activity. The premise behind this video is that it’s a short film about how Jason makes his beer and Megan is making lunch for the two of them. Since she’s pregnant she can’t partake in some life pleasures (coffee, sushi, cold sandwich meat, etc.).

This was so fun to make and I think it surprised about half of their family. Ultimately congratulations to Jason and Megan, it’s an exciting time and we are glad to be around for it.

So did anyone figure it out before the end?