This is a family business.  Truly, we love it.  The cinematography team (Lori and Daniel) is a married couple.  Well that married couple is having a baby!

We really wanted to surprise our family, so we invited our family to a cabin in Vermont over the Christmas break.  My (Daniel) family is still in Texas so they flew up for the holiday and Lori's family is in New England.  We surprised them on Christmas Eve.  

We gave our families mugs that say, "The best moms get promoted into grandmothers."  I'll let you figure out what the mugs for any who wasn't a mom.  You can see our parents reaction at the end of the video.  

We spent one day of the trip making the video below with our family.  We brainstormed it over an hour or so and then wrote it over night.  Laura's (my sister and the amazing photographer of Latimer Studios) boyfriend Gabe did the amazing voice over.   

It was so much fun and we are so excited!  Enjoy.