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Coonamessett Inn \\ Katy + Ian Wedding


Coonamessett Inn \\ Katy + Ian Wedding

Wedding at Coonamessett Inn

New England had the worst winter on record.  The last number that I saw showed that we had over 110 inches of snow.  Woah!  Katy and Ian had their wedding in December of this historic winter, but just missed the start of the never ending snow storm to have their wedding on a beautiful day in December.  I know they say rain is good luck on your wedding day, but I think nice weather before an epic three/four months of snow is a great sign too! Katy and Ian were so fun to be around during their wedding day.  They have an immense amount of love for each other.  It was especially evident during their first look.  They added a fun twist to their first look by exchanging gifts.  I don't know if they already discussed what they were going to give each other, but they both made books filled with memories from their pre-wedding life together.  Ian included their first email to each other.  Spending tangible time on a home made gift is incredibly special.

Enjoy their wedding story!

Coonamessett Inn \\ Katy + Ian Wedding Wedding Highlights from Latimer Studios on Vimeo.

Other Vendors who helped make this day amazing.

Venue: Coonamessett Inn

Band: Silver Arrow Band

Hair: Gina Joubert

Makeup Artist: Kerri Herlihy

Florist: Casablanca Florals

Photographer: Mrs. Drew