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The Walk

The Walk

Latimer Studios Engagement Video

  This will be one of the only times I will ask that you watch the film before you read the story!  It has a bit of a twist ending and I'll explain how it came together after.

Ok, so you’ve now watch the film right?  I trust you.  This was an actual proposal that Katie had no idea was going to happen.

This was so much fun and I was so excited to be able to help Jacob propose.  Lori and I have been friends with Jacob and Katie for a while and we could not be happier to see them engaged!


In addition to telling wedding stories, I also work part time at a church doing video and IT work.  It’s not uncommon that I will ask my friends to help with a church video project, so that’s how we set this up.

Jacob (the person who proposed at the end) and I sat down for lunch one day and hashed through a bunch of ideas.  Jacob wanted to include their good friends from church so we had to pretend that it was a church video.

The idea we liked best was that Katie would walk by people at the park and they would notice something uniquely special about her, which would cause them to follow her.

Jacob came up with this amazing idea of using some of the scenes to have actual props for the proposal in them.  The first scene has the actual ring in it and flowers that he gave Katie.  The second scene was the film crew.  We used them so that we could have a second video angle.

Jacob was fishing and underneath his fishing vest was a nice vest.  The last scene had a stroller in it that had the banner and other props in it.  Great way to bring it all together.


Jacob found a perfect location at Mine Falls park in Nashua.   We filmed for about an hour before that last shot where he proposed occured.  This made it more believable that it was actually a church video.

At the end of the video she walks for a while, which feels unnaturally, but for many videos the end has a title screen, so it’s just the title of the message over moving action.  It was a believable scenerio.

I told Katie that at the very end I wanted her to turn around (on my queue) and see everyone following her and run away.  So I counted to three and bviously she turned around to something different/ amazing.   Her reaction is very authentic.  I loved it.


Little Black Dress?


Little Black Dress?

"My engagement pictures are next week!! Yay!" "Oh man, what am I going to wear??"

"The little black dress?"

Yes!! If you are going for mysterious and powerful that is. You see the COLOR you wear actually sets the mood of the photo shoot.

Colors are powerful. Think about those nights you decide to rock the red dress. You are commanding attention, making a statement about confidence and power. If you had put on a cute green dress instead, you would be setting a very different mood. One of calmness, loyalty, stability.

I love this stuff! Check out what your colors are saying:


So with that in mind, here are my top 3 tips for picking out the color you are going to wear on your engagement shoot:


Make sure the color you are wearing, looks awesome next to the color your hunny is going to wear. If you are rocking the bright and vibrant, don't put your man or woman in a pastel.

2014-07-16_0006.jpg Think about the backdrop. If we are shooting at a park, green might not be the best bet. You'll blend right on in with the grass. But a yellow or white or red would pop and look great! Pick a color that will stand out against the background we are shooting in.

2014-07-16_0005.jpg I love variety. Bring different outfits to your shoot, and you will end up with a lot more variation in your pictures. In one evening we can go from sassy and sexy (red) to sweet and innocent (white). Just with a swap of a shirt! Mix it up and have some fun!

xo Laura