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The Maine Barn at Flanagan Farm // Destination Maine Wedding // Katie and Sazi


The Maine Barn at Flanagan Farm // Destination Maine Wedding // Katie and Sazi

Maine Barn Wedding

Maine Barn Wedding at Flanagan Farm Walking

Family Wedding

This entire wedding felt like a family affair.  All the little details you see are made by a family member or friend.   They decided to get married at the beautiful Maine Barn at Flanagan Farm.  Almost everyone at that wedding, including Katie and Sazi are from California, so their wedding in Maine was a destination wedding.  We love destination weddings!

When we arrived there was already preparations happening for dinner.  Keep in mind that the reception hall is connected to the house that the family was staying at, so everything was close, including the kitchen.  It felt like we had walked into someone’s home as they were preparing for a big family get together.  There were good vibes right from the start.

Barn at Flanagan Farm Cooking

Katie’s uncle was the officiant at the wedding.  I loved that he asked both Sazi and Katie, separately, why they wanted to marry each other.  It was a sweet moment to capture such authentic questioning and to hear genuine love for the other.  Maine Barn Wedding at Flanagan Farm Tying Hands

He also had to do a ceremonial tying of their hands together, which I’ve never seen.  I really enjoyed watching him practice in the morning and then nail at the ceremony.  It was a really cool tradition.


The Maine Barn at Flanagan Farm


This location is so cool.  It’s a remodeled 19th century farmhouse.  The barn itself is where the reception was held and has this beautiful rustic feeling.  The wedding ceremony was held outside.  They have a spot setup set back in the woods with wooden benches and a long (long!) pathway for the bride to walk down.  A beautiful location with so much great character.

 Maine Barn Wedding at Flanagan Farm DressMaine Barn Wedding at Flanagan FarmWalking down aisle

Let there be dancing!

There was plenty of dancing!  The night ended on such an fun note.  Dancing, rainbows (dare I say double rainbow?) and more.  It was a fantastic wedding!

 Maine Barn Wedding at Flanagan Farm First DanceMaine Barn Wedding at Flanagan Farm Group Dancing This wedding was so much fun!  Sit back, relax and enjoy their story!


The Barn at Flanagan Farm // Maine Wedding // Katie and Sazi from Latimer Studios on Vimeo.

Vendors who made this day great: Venue: The Barn at Flanagan Farm Photographer: Kaysha Weiner Photographer - Beautiful pictures from this wedding! DJ: David Vobora