"He would say to me, 'Angelo, I'm telling you, this girl likes me!' Now we all know Phil is known to be a bit of an exaggerator. So I was like, 'Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, this girl you claim to be gorgeous likes you? How do you know?'

He goes, 'Angelo. Our knees were touching under the desk all day and she didn't move it. She likes me!'"


What a great weekend! First time we've shot in Newport and it was so fun. St Mary's church is a beautiful location to get married and the Bohlin is a perfect spot to celebrate that wedding.

It's got to be cool to see so many Yachts just cruising by as you dance to the Jams of Hot Mess.

Enjoy their wedding film!

Other vendors who made this day awesome:
Ceremony Venue: St. Mary's Church
Reception Venue: The Bohlin
Makeup Artist: Kacie Corbelle
Florist: Leslie Lee Floral Design
Photographer: Melissa Robotti
Band: Hot Mess
Coordinator: Pinch Me Planning