"I will always always choose you" - Anna to Meg.
"I will always be me, but I will be yours" - Meg to Anna.

This was an awesome wedding in Maine. I love when we can get to a wedding early enough to capture the venue getting setup. It made it especially special because the barn they were getting married at was part of their family's history. So her dad is out there helping to set up early that morning.

Anna and Meg typed up their vows on a typewriter.  Such a cool touch and one that really accented who their personalities perfectly.  

This wedding was unique in that Meg and Anna decided to do their vows privately after the ceremony.  It's the first time we've done this and I loved how they were able to react more to each other than couples typically can during a ceremony.  Great idea!

Oh yeah! They had food trucks come out for dinner.  So cool!

Congratulations Meg and Anna!