What Happens Next?

Cinematic Wedding Story? Wedding Video? A Trailer? What does it all mean!? Don’t worry – we know a lot of these terms are new to you. We are here to help guide you through all lingo!  Please see below for an example of each type of wedding cinematic videos that we offer.

Cinematic Wedding Story

This is the film to get excited about!  At its core this is your story.  Sure it uses some fancy camera shots, color editing and sound, but without a story it’s all just pretty images.  Our focus is always your story and what makes you unique.

Wedding Highlight Film

A Wedding Highlight Film is an exciting way to share a quick look at your wedding day.  This is a 4-6 minute wedding film that highlights some of the best moments of your wedding.  This includes online hosting so it is something that you can easily share online with a click of button to friends and family.

Wedding Trailer

This is a fun sneak peek of your wedding.  When you get back from your honeymoon (within a week), you’ll have a quick trailer so you can see a bit of what your wedding film will look like.

Same Day Looper

This is so much fun!  We take moments from your wedding day and play it at your reception.  That's right, you get to see video footage on the same day as your wedding!  So much fun for all your friends and family to see you getting ready during your wedding party!

Documentary Film

We have a huge passion for telling your story in a way that is emotional and fun to watch for the rest of your life.  While the Cinematic Weddings Story is our favorite way to tell that story and it is the style we are filming at your wedding, we understand that there are times when you want to see your wedding in its entirety.  With every wedding we do include a documentary film to fill that desire.  It is all the big moments for you to go back and watch in their entirety.