Cape Cod (and the Wychmere for that matter) is an amazing place to get married.  The weather is amazing - it's right by the beach.  And while location does matter for a wedding, it's really the people that make a wedding day amazing.  Mackenzie and Lucas were so awesome from the first time we spoke to them.  Lucas was already excited about the bonfire months and months before his wedding day!  Don't worry, it turned out to be an epic fire.    

How could you ask for a better day than a beautiful day right on the water? You can't. It was perfect. They started in separate houses, each with its own beautiful view and I love when a place has windows.  Give me that beautiful natural light to capture people getting ready and I'm in heaven!

The Wychmere is a beautiful location to get married at.  The water is right there and they take care of you!  They know what they're doing.  Golf carts ready to whisk the couple away to the beach for pictures (with food in tow).  

Anytime you can get fire on the beach with S'Mores you have to do it. Just do it!

Enjoy Mackenzie and Lucas' wedding day feature film.

Other vendors who made this day so much fun:
Cinematography (wedding video): Latimer Studios
Photography: Mikhail Glabets Lifestyle Photography
DJ: Anthony Avicolli
Florist: Nichole Parrott
Makeup: Lisa George
Venue: Wychemere Beach Club