Krista and Jeff had such an awesome wedding at Saratoga Hall of Springs.  This was our first time to film in upstate New York and it is a beautiful spot.  My mom was in town from Texas and was gracious enough to watch our son (Noah) while we filmed this wedding.  She loved it so much she started looking up houses to buy in Saratoga Springs!  While I doubt she'll actually move there, it is an awesome spot.

The ceremony took place at a church just outside of Union College (the college they both attended) before heading to Saratoga Hall of Springs.  I don't want to ruin the wedding film so I won't give anything away, but the speeches were killer in this wedding.  

Enjoy their wedding film:


Other vendors who made this day amazing:
Coordinator: Aissa Murry
Makeup Artist: Make Me Fabulous
Florist: Renaissance Florist
Photographer: Laura Latimer of Latimer Studios