The Barn at Gibbet Hill Wedding

The Barn at Gibbet Hill Wedding


When I think of this wedding, fun is the first word that comes to mind.  Both Jen and Billy mentioned laughter in their wedding vows; it's part of their DNA.  It's not only in their DNA, but it is a part of the people they are friends with.  The bridesmaids started the day by learning how to do a line dance before heading over to the Barn at Gibbet Hill wedding.

The speeches were hilarious, unique and touching.  Fun fact, typically during the speeches I'm filming the person giving the toast and my wife, Lori, is moving around getting guest reaction shots or creative angles.  In the middle of the maid of honors speech my wife ran over to me because she was so excited.  She had to tell me right there that they were doing their own version of a speech from the movie Bridesmaids.  You know it's a good speech when that happens!

Of course, the first dance was amazing.  One of my favorite first dances of all time.

The Barn at Gibbet Hill Wedding


I'm going to enjoy any event that has a fun environment and this was fun, but what really made me enjoy this wedding was that it felt like an extension of their personalities.  From the boots, to the country music, to the Barn at Gibbet Hill Wedding, to the vows it all felt like  it matched exactly who they are as a couple.  We talk about authentic weddings a lot and this is an exact example of what we mean.

Here's their story!  Enjoy!

Barn at Gibbet Hill Wedding \\ Jen + Billy \\ Best First Dance Ever from Latimer Studios on Vimeo.



Venue: The Barn at Gibbet Hill

Photographer: Erica Ewing

Band: Business Time

Florist: Flourish Flowers

Makeup: Teal Salon 

Barn at Gibbet Hill Wedding