Happy Anniversary

Kathleen and Kyle were first attracted by each other’s good looks, not knowing that what would ultimately bond them for life was a true, deep compatibility. Kyle ran to tell his parents about this stunning Greek goddess he had instantly fallen in love with on the day he and Kathleen met. Kathleen, on the other hand, was taken with Kyle’s blue eyes and easy smile. Since that fateful day, they grew into the type of couple who manages to have a blast even going grocery shopping. As partners, they take on life as an open adventure full of laughter and spirit. The excitement was palpable as the couple was able to write a wedding into the growing pages of their book. Kyle and Kathleen’s wedding was a joyous event. It spilled over with the infectious, loving energy the pair radiated towards each other. A lovely color scheme of deep blues and bright yellow sunflowers was matched only by the glow of the couple, so obviously, beautifully, and happily in love.

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