Michelle + Matt

Wentworth by the Sea Wedding VideoThis wedding video was a blast to film.  I loved getting to know Michelle and Matt and being able to tell their story.

We Go Way Back!

We met Matt and Michelle a while ago, in fact they were one of the first couples to do a love story with us (which was a blast and great way to get to know them).    We already knew that they were going to be so much fun to film.  Matt was away at school, so they have many stories of long distance travel/dating!

Laura even met much of their family when she was able to capture their family during the last holiday season.  It's always such an incredible blessing to be with a couple/family for multiple parts of their life.

July 4 Wedding at Wentworth by the Sea

The mood was light and festive, but the weather forecast called for rain (there's an awesome slow motion sequence of the rain in the wedding video).  It was so fun to watch them not be phased by the rain at all and sincerely enjoy their day.  Wentworth by the sea is such a beautiful place to film a wedding.  Not only are you near water, but the hotel itself is beautiful.  It's a gorgeous backdrop to a wedding celebration.  Michelle and Matt got married at a small church nearby and then took a limo to the wentworth by the sea hotel.

My favorite part of the wedding was the end of the ceremony when the groomsmen welcomed Michelle into the family with a unique celebration.  I won't ruin it (watch the wedding film below), but it involves swords so it has to be awesome.

Wedding Video



Link to wedding video is located at https://mediazilla.com/bnd2vtgF8