Alden Castle Wedding

Alden Castle Wedding

Danielle + Jared

This wedding was just fun!  From getting up early and watching them get ready, to watching them do an incredibly unique dance to Party in the USA - you couldn't ask for a better day!  Having an Alden Castle Wedding was the perfect choice for them.

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Early Boston Wedding Party

We absolutely love when we get the opportunity to spend extra time with the bride and groom.  For Danielle and Jared's wedding we drove to Boston early to film Jared enjoy some time with his friends and family at Jillian's in Boston.  If you've never been to Boston, Jillian's is right next to Fenway.  It's a great location right in the heart of Boston.  Jillian's has a food, bowling, pool and other games.  It was a great way to relax before getting into a tux!  Jared decided not play any of the games due to the risk of injury.  No one wants a bowling injury on their wedding day!

Alden Castle Wedding


Alden Castle Wedding

Danielle got ready at the beautiful Hotel Commonwealth.  She had an incredible suite to get ready in.  Not far from Jillian's at all.  In fact, we just walked there after filming Jared's morning.  The first look was at Alden Castle where she sprang fourth from her limo to greet him.  It's the first time we got to see them interact and his reaction to seeing her was enough to know that this is a beautiful relationship.  Then the wedding really began with a beautiful ceremony and reception (Held in the same room!  They were able to flip it during cocktail hour!).  Here's their wedding films.  Enjoy a look into their story!

Fun Fact: If you watch the trailer, we edited and played that during the reception.  Same Day Edits are some of are favorite things to do!  Enjoy this Alden Castle Wedding!

- Daniel

Other Venders that helped make this an amazing day: 
Photography - Suzanna March Photography
DJ - Scott R. Arrington, Murray Hill Talent
Florist - Flowers on the Hill
Makeup - Ashlee Lambert
Alden Castle Wedding Film