A wedding and a musical

Brenne and Eli are musical nerds.  They called themselves that and after being at their wedding it's so true!  Their speech was interlaced with their own versions of popular musical numbers, the first dance had the groomsmen singing behind them and the parents toast had their own version of musical numbers as well.  Luckily (for me) they could all sing very well so it sounded amazing and was so fun to listen to.  

The got married on a camp in western Massachusetts.  Such an amazing day.  Also, I got to work with Meg from Rodeo and Co again for the second time that weekend.  She's amazing to work with.  

Enjoy their film:


Other vendors who made this weekend amazing:
Photography: Rodeo & Co. Photography
Wedding Coordinator: Tara Consolati Events
Makeup: Liz Washer
Florist: Daisy Stone Studio
Band: Nafshenu Orchestra
Venue: Camp Lenox