I loved capturing this wedding.  Ali and Eric went to their high school prom and spent ten years getting to this amazing day.  They started out getting ready at the Omni Providence Hotel where Eric decided that they needed to make paper airplanes to see how far they could fly from the balcony.  That's the first time I've seen that and I like it!

Ali had this really cool thing she did with her flowers.  Every bridesmaid had a word written under their flower that represented their relationship or characteristics of that bridesmaid.  I love the creativity of that idea.  Again, another first and I like it!  

The reception took place at The Dorrance.  What a cool location.  I love the fact that they turned a restaurant into an awesomely unique venue for their wedding.  There's a huge, old school safe in the back - don't worry it was unlocked.  Not only was the location cool, but the band killed it.  I love live music and the SweetBeats Band did not disappoint.  They kept the party going.  

It was great getting to know Ali and Eric and being able to tell their story.  They are some of the nicest people I've ever met and we couldn't be happier that they found each other. Congratulations and enjoy their film.  



Other teams who made this day amazing:
Photography: Blueflash Photography
Band: The SweetBeats Band
Florist: Toni Chandler - Flowers & Events
Makeup: Calma Salon
Venues: Omni Providence Hotel, The Dorrance