New Hampshire Fall Photo Shoot

A brief story of me coming to know of the Scotts, a year before this gorgeous New Hampshire fall photo shoot took place.

One Year Ago

I walked into my brother’s house. He told me a story that shook me. He had just gotten a prayer request email from a family he knew from his church.

A gorgeous family. Mom was pregnant- not just pregnant but 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant! And the news came days before her due date that her older daughter Hayleigh was on a care flight from a school retreat in Maine. A cough that turn into intubation. Suddenly she was balancing between life and death.

I couldn’t wrap my head around such a situation. My heart hurt for them.  I had never even met them but I thought of them often that week. And I thought if Hayleigh makes it, I will photograph that family all together.

And the incredible Hayleigh did make it, and her healthy baby brother came along that week as well. The family handled the whole experience with grace, love and peace. It was beautiful to witness from afar.

Feel free to read more about that journey on their blog:

Fast forward to now.

Rachel (the awesome mom) reached out to me a few weeks ago and accepted my gift to their family. I was so happy to spend an evening with the lovely Scott family.

They invited me to a taco dinner after the shoot and I happily agreed. The family had gone on a 8 month trip visiting over 20 counties the previous year, and I was eager to hear about the 3 teenage girls’ experience. I had backpacked and lived overseas myself and it had a profound shift in my own perspective. I wondered how a teenage girl would experience such a trip away from all the comforts they were used to.

They. Blew. Me. Away.

I asked some deep questions about what they took away from it and their answers were inspiring. But something else was also quite impactful. And I can sum it up in one word. Respect. The girls all respected each other, listening and supporting each other as they took turns talking. Their dad spoke to them and listened to them fully as adults, and showed them that their views were valid and mattered. (Mom was upstairs with the baby, being an awesome mama at this time!)

They are so full of LOVE and it was awesome to be surrounded by. Thank you to the whole Scott Family, for just being a lovely light in this world. Keep shining! 

And now enjoy some pictures from this fall photo shoot of an extraordinary family. The Scotts!

New Hampshire Fall Photo Shoot New Hampshire Fall Photo Shoot New Hampshire Fall Photo Shoot New Hampshire Fall Photo Shoot New Hampshire Fall Photo Shoot New Hampshire Fall Photo Shoot New Hampshire Fall Photo Shoot New Hampshire Fall Photo Shoot New Hampshire Fall Photo Shoot

And last picture is of the awesome Hayleigh with her sweet baby brother! The two of you share an incredible week. I'm so glad for the lifetime of memories you two will have together. xoxo Laura