4K Wedding

We did it! We upgraded to 4K!

4K Wedding Videos

We upgraded our cinema gear this year to gear that will film in 4K, but why?  Why do we need 4k wedding videos?

If you’ve looked at TVs in the last couple months you’ve probably seen a lot of tvs on the market that say Ultra HD or 4K as a big selling point. The problem (one of them) is that there’s not much content out there. Netflix has started streaming some titles in 4k and the World Cup is going to shoot three games in 4k, but nothing will go out live in 4K. It’s a really cool and exciting technology, but it’s not quite here yet.

Story is still more important than 4K

First, let me say that 4K is a tool and that ultimately it’s not why anyone should book us for their wedding. We are still solely focused on telling the bride and groom’s story. It’s why we do so much work getting to know the bride/groom before every wedding.  If there is no story of their day and it is just pretty images then we have failed.

The reason we decided to start shooting in 4K was because of two reasons. First, the picture is beautiful and the amount of detail in each frame is a site to behold. It’s head and shoulders better than the HD gear we were using last year. I’m really excited for everyone to start seeing this years weddings!

We aren’t delivering in 4K. There’s not really a way to do so. I’ll put the occasional clip on youtube that’s 4K, but we still give brides High Definition video. So the second reason is that 4K wedding videos converted to HD looks fantastic; better than HD by itself.

While story is still the most important thing we do we also want to combine that amazing story with beautiful pictures!

Watch 4K wedding videos!

Take a look at this beautiful trailer for a wedding we shot a couple weeks ago. In the bottom left corner of the YouTube video there is an icon that looks like a gear. Click on that and there is an option to watch it in 4K.

Tell us what you think!  And you can see more 4K Wedding Videos if you go to the our youtube page.