Looking for the scoop on who is the behind the lens?

Of course you are! You are one smart cookie. You know whoever you pick to capture your wedding is with you all wonderful day long! They need to make you feel comfortable, have to blend right in and be amazing talented at capturing real moments in a creative and epic way.

You’re looking for the right fit. Good for you.

Latimer Studios began with one goal, one passion:

We are storytellers.

With that, you can expect to walk away with pictures and video that is YOU. It will tell the story of your day. Minimal posing. No trying to fit into a cookie cutter mold of what a wedding “should” look like. Lots of authentic moments.

Meet the brother and sister duo.

Latimer Studios Wedding Team.jpg

We are goofy, sarcastic, laugh easy and roll with the day. We are hard working and we LOVE capturing love. Our couple’s walk away saying, “I feel like they have been my friends for ages, I was so comfortable with them”, and also saying “I barely noticed they were there!” We blend in when we need to, and we take charge when we need to.

Our home base is New England.

Where we will shoot a wedding? ANYWHERE! Bring on the travel. We’ll love you for it.

Want to know more about us?  Here's a video from a recent trip we took.