Right from the start there was no doubt that family was so important to Melissa and Ted.  Melissa’s brother was officiating the wedding and Ted’s four sisters were his groom’s women.  That by itself would make you think they thought very highly of their family, but one of the perks of filming their wedding is that we got to be with them throughout the entire day and we got to see first hand how they interacted.  I’ll let you watch the film to see, but, spoiler alert, it’s a great bond.

They got married at the beautiful Zorvino Vineyards in New Hampshire.  Since it was March, and this is New England, there was still plenty of snow on the ground.  Such a unique setting for a wedding video/film and they had no problems going outside to take some creative shots in the snow, including their first look.

We had so much fun filming this wedding.  The entire day was a blast to capture.  Enjoy their story!



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