Lori Latimer - Cinematographer

Howdy!  I love orange.  I love storytelling.  I like cake, but love a pie. I play drums and can lip sync like no one's business.  When I'm filming a wedding I'm a ninja.  You're not going to know I was there, but I'm going to capture all those fun moments.  I'm also not afraid to get down and boogie on the dance floor.  Here I am recording a song on the drums.

daniel latimer

Daniel Latimer - Cinematographer/Editor

Hi! I started my filmmaking journey early by making videos with my dad as a young child.  My love of film brought me to film school and I  fell in love with telling stories.  Other fun facts - I play the bass guitar, I can hold my breath underwater for 15 seconds, and I was born/raised in Texas.  Here is a picture of me with our son, Noah!

Want to get to know us even more?  The simple life is a our journey through the pacific northwest USA.  Enjoy

In case you didn't figure it out, we're married.  We made a video about eating our wedding cake on our one year anniversary (which was years ago now).  I still don't get why people eat that cake.  

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