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Our Story


Our Story

How it all began

15 years ago (or so) in a medium-size town in Texas I (Daniel) went to a college known for music and documentary filmmaking to learn how to be on the radio.  I was a DJ on KNTU - the one for jazz for about six months.  While doing that I learned how to edit video in a class and  boom! That class changed my life and I fell in love with filmmaking. From there I really started digging into the craft, began learning the technical side of handling a camera/storytelling and changed my focus.  

Wait!  Hold on, why do you have an owl in your logo?



Does this feel like an ad?  Why is this right in the middle of our about us section?  Well it kind of is an ad, since this entire webpage is kind of like an ad, but it's also just a good spot to answer the question everyone keeps asking.  Does it count as talking to myself if I type it out?  

Soo. . .We really wanted to find a mascot for our company.  Something that really spoke to who we are as storytellers.  Enter - the little red owl.  The owl has so much symbolism throughout a ton of cultures.  For us, he symbolizes our core values.  

First, the ability to see what others do not.  This means that we take pride in being able to take ordinary moments and see real meaning behind them.  It could be as simple as a flower girl looking up to a bride, but having the intuition to know that it's a big moment in that flower girl's life.  

Secondly, the little red owl represents life transition.  The stories we love to tell are the ones where they have such a huge impact that the person has a life change.  The most obvious example is a wedding, where a couple has decided that they are so in sync that they want to pledge their life together.  It's a huge and beautiful change.  

The third thing the little red owl represents to us is that he is so stinkin' fun.  The eyes on this owl have so much emotion in them.  From wonder, to joy, to hope. We want to always have in the back of our minds to have fun, to wonder, and to hope through action that we can leave this world better than we found it.  

Where were we. . .

Towards the end of college I was working at an investment firm to help make money and ended up staying with them after I graduated.  I would do video work for my Texas church, but it wasn’t my main focus.  My passion was still there, but I got trapped in the corporate world.  They just kept giving me money and I kept doing spreadsheets.

Boom! That class changed my life and I fell in love with filmmaking.

Eventually it began suffocating my soul.  The daily grind of doing the same thing day after day wore on me.  Fortunately, I had a friend who asked me to film her wedding.  I did it and instantly fell in love with documenting people’s journeys.  It was the first time I really knew what I wanted to do.

Thus Latimer Studios began. 

Since then, I’ve been able to transition to doing weddings full time.  I’ve added a wife, both as a cinematographer and to my life.  We had a son!  He was recently voted most likely to walk in on you while you're in the bathroom.  (don't google it, it's a household award.)

Lori Latimer - Cinematographer

Howdy!  I love orange.  I love storytelling.  I like cake, but love pie. I play drums and can lip sync like no one's business.  When I'm filming a wedding I'm a ninja.  You're not going to know I was there, but I'm going to capture all those fun moments.  I'm also not afraid to get down and boogie on the dance floor.  Here I am recording a song on the drums.

daniel latimer

Daniel Latimer - Cinematographer/Editor

Hi! I started my filmmaking journey early by making videos with my dad as a young child.  My love of film brought me to film school and I fell in love with telling stories.  In addition to running Latimer Studios, I am a commercial editor.  You can see some of my work on  Here is a picture of me with our son, Noah!

Want to get to know us even more?  The simple life is a our journey through the pacific northwest USA.  Enjoy

In case you didn't figure it out, we're married.  We made a video about eating our wedding cake on our one year anniversary (which was years ago now).  I still don't get why people eat that cake.  

Get to know us more on my (Daniel's) personal Instagram!  

Warning, it's probably a lot of shots of my son.