For the Love of Disney

For the Love of Disney


Disney Wedding Film New England

There is no doubt that Disney is a magical place. It has a certain pull that is sometimes unexplainable. Kayla and Michael can probably explain it better than most as they have an undeniable love for Disney. While this wedding wasn’t a Disney themed wedding there were some hints about their love of Disney – two toast mentioned it, they had their names in the Disney font and the topping of the cake was a Disney castle. It was fantastic.

Disney is a magical place

There’s also no doubt that Kayla and Michael have that same magical love for each other as well. You can see in his face when she first starts walking down the aisle. You can hear in their laughs when they joke around. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding! Here’s their wedding story! Enjoy!

Disney Wedding Highlights at Highfield Country Club from Latimer Studios on Vimeo.

Vendors that helped make their day magical:

Photographer: Lynn Quinlivan
DJ: Brian Fligg
Florist: Perros Flowers
Venue: Highfield Country Club
Makeup: Beauty In Motion


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