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Passionate, fun brother and sister duo started this award winning wedding cinematography and wedding photography company together. Our passion is authentic (you're about read this word a lot! For good reason) story telling. Our strength is candid moments, innovative techniques, and a splash of humor!

Meet Laura:

Photographer- aka- the candid moment ninja. She has a seemly magical ability of finding sweet, beautiful, genuine wedding day moments that may have otherwise been missed. Camera always at the ready, a smile on her face. Somehow she makes even the most camera shy feel comfortable, and dare I say, even enjoy being in front of the camera!

Meet Daniel:

Cinematographer- aka- He's going to turn your wedding into an epic cinematic movie worthy of popcorn and candy... have tissue at the ready. This is not a wedding video. This is your story. How is Daniel so amazing at making each wedding film unique to every couple? His passion. His vision. His unmatched editing skills. And most importantly his connection with each couple, where he learns their beautiful story before the day begins.

Brides love us!

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Thank you for your interest. We are truly honored to be considered to capture this day for you.  We are currently filming and photographing weddings in all of New England, including New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

We love to travel!  We do destination weddings as well!

We can not wait to meet you and hear your awesome story!  Here's to lots of joy and smiles during this exciting time in your life. Enjoy every yummy bit of it!

New Hampshire Wedding, Video, Videography, Sugar, Cookies, Cake, Cinematography, massachusett weddings, Photography, Maine, Wedding video, New England Wedding









Your Journey Begins Here. . .

Your journey is important

The journey that got you to a wedding day is important.  Your wedding is not just about your wedding day, but the journey that got you to this beautiful moment.

You are important

That journey has a main character that is real and authentic (it’s you!).  We want to discover who you are and tell your story, not just what happened on your wedding day.

You are unique

These are not cookie cutter films.  We are intentional about making each wedding film stand on its own.  We don’t have a formula for our films – just a passion for your story.

You are real!

Your wedding is full of amazing real life moments that are incredible to capture on their own.  We want to capture those authentic moments!  You won't see us fabricating shots or asking you to pose for moments that don't exist.

We would love to tell your story.

Enjoy a couple stories below!  You can see more on the blog!


Wentworth by the Sea Wedding from Latimer Studios on Vimeo.

Glen Magna Farms Highlight Wedding Film from Latimer Studios on Vimeo

Dirk + Laura Petrusma Wedding Film from Latimer Studios on Vimeo.



The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

You’ve probably heard, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” We genuinely believe this statement to be true. This principle runs in the veins of Latimer Studios. This is why everything we do is a collaboration, and always has more than one person working on it.

A Couple Ways we Collaborate

We start with meeting over a cup of coffee with you (the bride and groom). We learn your story, what's important to you, and what makes your story individually and uniquely your own.

Then it’s Storyboard Time. We get together as a team and brainstorm. We drink coffee. We brainstorm. We find themes. We brainstorm. We discover the sub stories within the stories of your journey. By the end, our walls are covered with ideas. We love this part! This process and the 'Latimer Studios Storyboard Time’ make all the difference in making our pictures and videos unique to you.

After we’ve finished your wedding we show it to our team in an official screening. (Popcorn and skittles at the ready!). This is where we discuss your entire film or slideshow to make sure your story and themes hold true to you.

We Believe in Passion

At Latimer Studios we are passionate about our art form; storytelling. Part of our art is in combining different mediums to make one final, amazing product. Audio, visual, and music. Each component bringing something beautiful to fully tell your story.

Music. It sets the tone and drives the emotion of your film. It is because of this that we are proud to license all music we use. We want these artists to be able to live off of their passions and continue to make great music!


Moments of Your Journey

Hi, I'm Laura, the photographer at Latimer Studios. You're getting married!! Congratulations. I am very happy for the two of you. I can't wait to meet you and hear all about your wedding! xx


Living in the Moment

Our lives are a beautiful compilation of an unfathomable amount of priceless moments. What better day than your wedding day for you to just be present and live fully in the moment.

Remembering the Moment

You can trust that your memories are being recorded in an authentic and candid way. So you can relive it later. Your special day is all about you, not worrying about a thing. I’ll be the memory keeper, you just enjoy!

Why Photography is my Passion

This day in your life is filled with precious, sweet interactions. Moments that come and go in that bat of an eye. Your dad will allow himself to get emotional. Your best friend watches your first dance unable to hold back tears. Your flower girl giggles at the sight of your first kiss.

Excitement. Hope. Nerves. Love. Celebration. Desire. Pride. Such beautiful emotions, all subtlety written on a person’s face. All telling their own story. After all, the journey of two people getting married is far deeper and more beautifully complex than just an ‘I Do’. And capturing those emotions adds soul and depth that tell your story more completely. And that genuine story telling is my joy and love. That is why I love photography!

And I would love to capture your story!









The journey unfolded

A story of LOVE. The Scott's Fall Photo Shoot

A story of LOVE. The Scott's Fall Photo Shoot

A brief story of me coming to know of the Scotts, a year before this gorgeous New Hampshire fall photo shoot took place. One Year Ago I walked into my brother’s house. He told me a story that shook me. He had just gotten a prayer request email fr...Read More »

See more blog post here!


We capture a limited number of weddings each year in order to focus on providing every bride and groom with the best possible service. Contact us to set up a free consultation and to see if your wedding day is still available!

Cinematography - Packages start at $3000

Contact Daniel for detailed information about your wedding cinematography.

We Offer:

  • Cinematic Wedding Story
  • Wedding Highlight Film
  • Documentary Film
  • Two Cinematographers
  • Same Day Edit Loop

Photography -  Packages start at $3000

Contact Laura for detailed information about your wedding photography.

All Collections Include:

  • All Photos Professionally Edited
  • Print release, and High Resolutions Files
  • An Online Gallery for Viewing

We Offer:

  • Heirloom Quality Wedding Albums
  • Engagement Sessions
  • Prints and Canvases



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