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We’re there. From start to finish on your wedding day. Learn more about who exactly is behind the lens at Latimer Studios.

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Yes!!! You don't know how much these mean to me! I am so happy, I can't explain it. I cried. My sister cried. Thank you, THANK YOU!!


Their enthusiasm about the day was infectious! Instead of focusing on taking standard clichéd photos and poses, they used their creativity to find the special moments and really captured the love we have for each other. I can’t say enough about the experience of working with them!


Sometimes I close my eyes and try to remember details, but I don't remember them all. Latimer Studios brought the day back to life and allowed me to see details that I missed, and for that I will be forever grateful.


Was like having a friend around. Always present but never felt intrusive, we couldn't be happier!!


Do you like coffee? Maybe. Do you like free coffee?!?  Thought so!

We would love to sit down with you and discuss having the Latimer Studios experience at your wedding.  The coffee is on us!


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